Innovation is essential in a turbulent world

Whether you are a small or medium sized enterprise, or a large corporation, you are operating in a turbulent environment. At an increasing rate, companies that considered themselves “leading edge” are facing serious trouble because they did not follow the development of the market. That is why so many are in pursuit of better Innovation. However, the learning curve can be very costly.

Successful Innovation by Design

Effective innovation doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by design!

Based on decades of work in innovation, Innovation Labs - recognized as one of the world's leading consulting firms - has developed a comprehensive approach to achieve continuous innovation, called the Innovation Master Plan™. The Innovation Master Plan is important, because it provides focus. It is a framework which applies to small or a medium sized business and to large corporations.

Building Innovation in the DNA of your company

The Master Plan framework focuses on the 5 critical performance areas that are essential to the success of every innovation project, and provides a sound and proven basis for sustained innovation improvement. It brings a systematic approach to ensure learning, and at the same time it is flexible, recognizing that each situation is different. Small and medium sized enterprises have tough decisions to make in prioritizing their innovation efforts. Large corporations are challenged in speed.

Only with a systematic and holistic approach will you be successful in creating sustained success in innovation.




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in2lead has adopted Innovation Labs's methodology, recognizing it is best in class. It supports enterprises in the application of the methodology, taking it through the phases of introduction and consolidation to being engrained into the DNA of their business.