What makes the difference between success and failure? That is a key question that many organizational leaders ask themselves.

Some firmly believe it is the business model, others feel technology may differentiate them. A few may still believe organizational structure makes a difference. But no matter what strategy you chose, if customers feel that your team understands them and will stick with them to achieve success - and if your team members realize that as a team they are so much stronger than as a collective of individuals , and act accordingly, the changes of success for both your company and your customers are significantly higher.

You will ask yourself, "If it is so simple, why don't we see more successful ventures?"

The reason: many organizations are stuck in old habits and believe that fashionable tools and strategies will get them into a different space, without doing the hard work of bringing the right people along. So, strategies, which seem to be powerful, are not executed, or aren't delivering the expected results. Organizations become serial restructurers, at each step forced to cut more cost and employment.

That can be stopped and that is where in2lead can play a role.

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